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General updates

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Access & Bridleways Evening 17th October 2013.


We will have the opportunity to tell other groups how we have gone about improving our local riding.

Summer 2013


Cheshire East Access and RoW Forum 15th October presentation on the linear route proposed

January 2013


The Northern Heritage circuit was now fully waymarked and ready to ride.


An article about Laureen’s Ride was in Horse & Countryside Magazine.


NCR’s claim for a bridleway from Warford Lane to Noah's Ark Lane along the line of the current footpaths is now number 4 on the waiting list.

Summer 2012


North Cheshire Riders ran a launch event for the Heritage Loop from the Plough and Flail 12th May 2012


Sport Endurance ride Cheshire Cheese Loop 13th May 2012 at Manor Farm showground Seven Sisters Lane,

January 2012


The southern ‘Cheshire Cheese’ circuit was checked and ready to go, although we still hoped to get a safer route along Seven Sisters Lane.


The northern ‘Heritage’ loop had more outstanding issues. Graveyard Lane, an essential link for the route, was not on the definitive map. This will delayed the opening of that section.


NCR members gave evidence for the upgrading of Edge View and Filter Bed Lanes. The success of this claim gave an attractive extra off road section to the Long Distance Ride


The National Trust Estate Manager at Styal had mounting blocks placed at either end of the old and worn cobbles on the bridleway beside the Mill.


The Holiday Inn Manchester airport allowed the route of the Long Distance Ride to cross their car park, a safe route from the road side cycle track on Altrincham Road into the bridleway beside Runway 2.


Sport Endurance paid for printing the ‘Cheshire Cheese’ map.

July 2011


The North Cheshire Riders Long Distance ride has support from Cheshire BHS, Border Bridleways, Cycle Wilmslow and Cheshire East Rights of Way.


Genni Butler Countryside Access Development Officer Cheshire East confirmed that PROW maintenance budgets and ROWIP capital budget can provide an input.


Highways are looking at the road junctions to say which of the many existing signposts we can share. If we can use all existing signs we could save over £700 on this alone.


Sonia Birch of Hoof Cheshire said “It certainly fits with our improving access and increasing participation agenda” when she studied the NCR .


funding details for equestrian projects in Cheshire were announced 10th August and The BEF gave a grant of £6,500, for signs for this ride.


April 2011

Rights Of Way Improvement Plan April 2011; a revised version of the original 2003

This is 4 year plan for implementation as part of the local transport plan with £30k funding.

They are planning leisure routes for cyclists, horse riders and walkers. North Cheshire Riders made a proposal for a 50km riding/cycling route mainly in our core area

Two of our proposals have been included in the shortlist of five prioritised horse riding projects:

• Seven Sisters lane providing verge or field edge path to Ollerton Bw6

• Footpaths specified in NCR submission in Ollerton, Marthall, Mobberley and Knutsford to create a ‘valuable area of off road riding.’

North Cheshire Riders’ routes are going on Discover Cheshire website.




Updates on local bridleways and questionnaire for local riders.

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Firstly I am pleased to report that the deep mud under the gate on Wilmslow bridleway 32 has finally been resurfaced.



Bridleway Wilmslow 150 over the old tip is now reopened. The surface on the bark track is really nice!




I have just received the paper work for the first meeting of the East Cheshire Rights of Way Forum to be held on 28th June.



Firstly there is a questionnaire, which can be completed on line on the link below, where you can comment on the improvements you would like to see in the update of the Rights of Way Improvement Plan now being written.


This will be looking at how well the Rights of Way network meets present and likely future needs and will construct a 15 year strategy with a 3 year implementation cycle.



The meeting is also considering the use of volunteers to survey the RoW network. This has been resisted in the past but financial pressures must mean this will happen. As NCR is now preparing a survey of horses in the area at their request and with some financial support I am sure this will happen. I for one would be happy to 'survey' bridleways as I use them; I do this anyway and report problems as they crop up.


The meeting is also being asked to look specifically at the safety of links between RoW, a major problem for riders.


Remember, NCR did very well in the previous Rights of Way Improvement Plan, with many of our suggestions implemented, so it is worth the effort to make an input.







Update of the Horse Survey 2010

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The Survey of the numbers of horses that North Cheshire Riders carries out every few years will run in June and July. I hope that members will be able to help.



Genni Butler, (Acting) Countryside Access Development Officer

Cheshire East Council wrote:



‘I write to say thank you to the North Cheshire Riders for offering to conduct a survey of horse population on a 1km grid location basis. This information will be very useful in the collation of data for the Rights of Way Improvement Plan that is presently being revised for Cheshire East. The survey data that you provided for the first Improvement Plan was a key source and the updating of this information, together with the possibly expansion of the survey area will again provide us with information that we don’t currently have and which we cannot obtain from elsewhere. With this information we will be much more able to understand the demand for equestrian demand in the area and target improvements accordingly’.

As an indication of the importance attached to the survey in guiding the upstaged Rights of Way Improvement Plan, Genni has arranged for volunteers conducting the survey to receive mileage expenses. Volunteers using vehicles over 1,200cc will receive 60.1 p per mile. Mileage will be paid from the centre of the area as most members keep their horses there so they can start from that point. Just logging horse numbers and locations as you travel between home and stables will be a big help.

Surveyors will have an enlarged copy of a section of the Ordnance survey map to record locations and numbers plus a sheet for listing details. I have just conducted a test in Mobberley where this worked well.