North Cheshire Riders

Going on holiday with your horse - checklist



Check fuel, water, oil, fire extinguisher and tyres


Hay, water, feed, haynets and buckets, electrolytes

First aid kit

2 bits/bridles, saddle, leathers and stirrups, spare leathers, seat saver, 2 girths, 2 numnahs, martingale/breastplate

Saddlebags and straps to fasten your coat etc.

Grooming, tack cleaning and washing down kits

Rug-cooler and New Zealand or stable rug if you have booked a stable

Travelling kit

Shoof or similar

Spare headcollar and lead rope

Passport/Vaccination certificates


B&B info and directions

House and horsebox keys


Hat, Gloves, 2pairs jods, boots/ chaps

Wellies, underwear, coat, T shirts

Sweatshirts,Body warmer,

Non riding kit to change into in the evening



Mobile phone and charger,

 Carry these with you:

Wet weather gear, maps/map case, watch

Bumbag with folding hoofpick, suntan lotion, small first aid kit for both of you,

penknife, binder twine, camera, reading glasses, mobile phone, credit and debit cards

Energy bars.