North Cheshire Riders

Toll Rides and Toll Ride developments in North Cheshire


 The TROT Ashley ride was launched on 1st October 2006 and within two weeks over twenty five riders had joined, even though the ride had only been publicised in four livery yards. This is the first TROT route in the North West and was developed by North Cheshire Riders, which works to provide safer riding in the area.

 North Cheshire Riders previously helped Cheshire County Council develop their Rights of Way Improvement Plan, which concludes that the network of routes available for horse riding is ‘highly fragmented, and that there is no connectivity possible without including the highways network, a fact which raises a range of road safety issues.’

North Cheshire Riders saw TROT as the only solution available to local riders within a practical time scale. Ashley was chosen as a pilot area because of the kind agreement of the owner of Tatton Estate Mr Randall Brookes, who said that we could approach tenant farmers on the estate. Ashley also has a very high number of local riders, a rush hour rat run and no bridleways at all.

The ride has three sections

Section A, which opened in Autumn 2006, is a loop ride on sandy soil with no gates.

Section B links from this loop giving an off road route to Marsh Lane and on to Tatton Park with just a hundred yards on Ashley Road across the bridge. It also provides a mile long loop around a large field with  Tatton Park on the other side of the wall.

Section C links the loop via Lamb Lane to Mobberley Road and the Countryside Stewardship Bridleway on Sugar Brook Farm and via Breach House Lane to the bridleways at Manchester Airport.

 Horse box parking is available at Sugar Brook Farm for Toll Ride members

Two farms here already offer bed and breakfast and can offer accommodation for horses too. Together with the equestrian access to Tatton Park a mile away will make this a ‘must do’ holiday weekend with your horse. There a host of horse friendly pubs including the Railway Mobberley, which has a stable in the car park!

 The potential for equestrian tourism has been recognised by’ visit Chester and Cheshire’ which has generously match- funded the development of the route. Other sponsors include Chelford Farm Supply, Whiterose Equestrian, Ratter Agricultural, Border Bridleways and the Saddle Up Cheshire equestrian network as well as several private individuals.

 Find out more at or from TROT Head Office 01622 735599 or email